Sadia Khan Pakistani Refugee in Sri Lanka Petition

By Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan Sri Lanka
Sadia Khan Sri Lanka

I am Sadia Khan a Christian woman victim of Pakistan and Sri Lankan Generals. I wrote about the security forces of Pakistan and upon receiving threats fled to Sri Lanka. On the request of Pak ISI Pakistan friendly Sri Lankan authorities kept us in illegal detention for 1 month. They confiscated our Passports and everything we had. We fled from there and live in hiding for the last 1 & a half year.

Unfortunately though recognized refugees by UNHCR we still live in extreme fear and in hiding. Our passports are still with Sri Lankan authorities. We want UNHCR to resettle us to Canada as soon as possible. Our life in Sri Lanka is in extreme danger.

Please sign this petition to save our life: Canada please resettle us immediately 


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