An appeal to Rauff Hakeem by a Pakistani Refugee

By: Sadia Khan


Dear Sir
I am Sadia Khan a Pakistani blogger. I wrote about the atrocities of Pakistan security forces. I was attacked and we were threatened. We ( myself my mother & my 9 years old sister) came to Sri Lanka to save our life.
We got registered with UNHCR as asylum seekers. Pakistan ISI traced us here & requested Friendly/brotherly intelligence service of Sri Lanka for our return. We were kept in illegal detention for 1 month. Our passports & all we had was confiscated.
We were told by the detention camp authorities that our case was between the head of ISI & head of SIS. They told us that we will be deported to Pakistan.
Fearing death we fled from the detention camp on 8th April 2013.
Ever since we live in hiding. Now we are recognized refugees by UNHCR. We are about to leave Sri Lanka. UNHCR has requested all the departments of Sri Lankan Government to return our passports.
Despite these requests Sri Lankan authorities continue withholding our passports. They don’t answer UNHCR.
I myself have called immigration office a number of times but no help.
We have spent all we had including our expensive gold jewelry brought from Pakistan. Now we are empty handed & want to leave your country. Please help us leave your country in peace. Sri Lanka should not gift us to Pakistan to be killed.
You are the justice minister of Sri Lanka. Where is the justice? Is it the work of a civilized Government to withhold the passports of refugees & plan to hand them over to the state where they will be killed? We need Our passports back and a guarantee from Sri Lankan Government that we will not be targeted to please Pakistan.
We need justice.
Sadia Khan,
Newspaper Reference:


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